Affordable Bait Boats for you to Build or Buy

Your Bait Boat - Affordable Bait Boats

How? We not only can provide you with a finished bait boat, but also everything from the hull to a full kit for you to build your own.

There is nothing more satisfying that catching using your own bait boat and the building can be as much fun as the using.

Model boats have been used for years as bait boats and now there are many commercial bait boats on the market, all of which suffer from the same problem of cost.

Your Bait Boat seeks to address the cost issue by giving you the option to build your own, all from a kit of parts if you are good with your hands, or partly assembled if you are a little daunted by the task. Alternatively, you can buy the finished product, all ready to go.

Out build instructions will take you through the whole process from what tools you will need to how to setup your bait boat after the build is finished.

Coming soon - Examples and Build Instructions will soon be here...