Why Use a Bait Boat

There is no doubt in most peoples mind that bait boats help improve your fishing and help get more fish on the bank. Whether you are a carp angler, specimen hunter or general angler, having the ability to place your bait accurately in the right spot again and again will improve your chances and result in more fish for you.

While this is not the place for arguments for and against bait boats (there are plenty of forums where this is aired!), I would say that like everything from the fixed spool reel to boilies and bite alarms, there will always be those who are against bait boats. But like all advancements, bait boats are here to stay and offer the bait boater another weapon in their armoury against the carp and other species.

Arguments for Your Bait Boat

Accuracy - Your bait boat gives you the ability to place your bait in exactly the same place over and over again with out having to recast repeatedly or live with a "that will do" cast.

Disturbance - Both to the fish and other anglers. Sending your bait boat out quietly to drop bait precisely in your swim is far preferable for a stealthy approach to your fishing than flailing the air with a spod, not to mention less disturbing for your fellow anglers!

Wildlife Friendly - Favourite spots near overhanging trees are always festooned with line from failed casts and the one guarantee you have with a bait boat is that your line wont end up snapped off halfway up a tree and be a danger to wildlife.

Range Safety - If you have ever had a cracked off lead pass by your ear, you will know what I mean by range safety! With your bait boat you can fish at any range, within reason, with complete safety to those on the far bank or depending on your casting skills, those on the same bank! But remember not to fish beyond the range that you can safely land a fish from and of course, not in someone else swim!

Fish any Bait at any Range - As there is no need to cast, you can bait up with light pellets, groundbait or maggots at any range and of course those soft herrings which wont survive a cast, can be placed by the pike angler with complete accuracy and confidence.

Confidence - Using a bait boat you can be completely confident that your presentation is absolutely right each and every time, with no wind tangles or wrapped baits.

You Bait Boat is another important part of your fishing tackle, just like your reels and alarms.