Bait Boat Etiquette and Fish Care

Our objective as anglers must always be to enjoy our sport without ruining the sport of others or endangering our quarry, either on the bank or in the water. Some of the fish care issues are obvious, such as never fishing where you cannot safely play or land a fish, but fishing without ruining the sport of others appears to be more of a challenge in this intolerant day and age!

I have drawn up this guide to etiquette and fish care for bait boaters so that others may continue to enjoy their sport while a bait boat is on the water.

Bait Boat Etiquette and Fish Care

Never fish more than half way to another angler. A common complaint against bait boaters and casters alike! Even if someone is not fishing in the that part of their swim, there is no excuse to cast or drop a bait into another anglers area. Always err on the side of caution and stay less than halfway from another angler.

Never fish in areas from where you cannot safely land a fish. Using a bait boat to put a rig deep under or into a snag to improve your chances of getting a bite, but will stand a very high chance of loosing a fish is foolhardy and shows no respect for your quarry.

Never fish at ranges beyond where you can safely land a fish. Fish kite on a long line!, it's a fact that cannot be escaped and if you fish at extreme ranges make sure that you can safely land a fish that kites and of course, not take out the lines of fellow anglers in the process!

Try not to turn night into day with your personal light show. As a keen bait boater I quite enjoy watching other anglers boats quietly going across the water at night, but to others this is an obvious intrusion, not to mention that it advertises where you are fishing! Try to be a little discreet and only use the lights you need to see your boat and navigate.

Always keep control of your Bait Boat. Never let your boat drift across another anglers swim while you sort your rod out or continue beyond your drop point after discharging your rig, always stop and recover your bait boat to a point that it will not intrude on other anglers areas before setting your rod up.

This is not an exhaustive list and merely hits the high lights of Bait Boat Etiquette and Fish Care, but think about the guide and you will hopefully be able to enjoy your fishing without causing anger in others.