Your Stalker Bait Boat

The YBB Stalker Bait Boat offers a creative and affordable way of having a bait boat, from buying the individual components, or partly built sub sections, to a completely finished bait boat.

Stalker Bait Boat

Fully Built - Like the boat, but don't have time to build it? That's OK, buy the fully built ready to run product and you are off fishing for only £399.00..

Partly Built - Do you have your own radio gear, then the partly built is for you. Everything is prebuilt and all you need to do is add your radio gear and seal the deck to the hull with silicon sealant.

Sub Sections - The Stalker subsections are partially build and offer the builder the opportunity to build a boat with some of their own components, but the tricky stuff is already completed. These include the deck with the lights and hatch already fitted and the hull with the prop shafts, bait hopper doors and release mechanism fitted.

Hull and Deck - If you are good with your hands and just need a place to start the Stalker Hull and Deck combination allow you to have free reign over the choice of everything from the position of the hatch, drive train and radio gear, to the construction of the bait hopper doors and release mechanism.

Which ever route you take you will end up with a bait boat to be proud of.